Miriam’s Lantern: A short story by Ray Keifetz

Ray Keifetz is author of two poetry collections, the second published this month: Museum Beasts.

Of the collection Richard Peabody, editor of Gargoyle Magazine writes:

“Ray Keifetz’s new poetic myths are a mash-up of Oz, del Toro, and trippy end of the world nightmare vibes. Come down these barbed wire boulevards filled with graves, ghosts, and revenge. All that’s missing is a Diamanda Galas soundtrack. To riff on Pogo—We have met the monsters and they are us.”

Ray is both a writer of poetry and prose, which should come as no surprise when you read his short story Miriam’s Lantern. The words, the sentences feel both ancient and prescient which, in a sense, they are.

I’m pleased to share Ray’s short story, Miriam’s Lantern, which is included in the first edition of Among Animals.

The story is about the extinction of the passenger pigeon and so much more. It is a story that has stuck with me more than a decade after having first read it. I suspect it will stick with you as well.

To download the PDF, click here.

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