About Us

EcoLit Books is an independent online journal, founded in 2012, devoted to writing—fiction and nonfiction—with environmental and animal protection themes. We’re also writers ourselves and have developed a growing list of outlets for environmental writing.

Who is EcoLit Books?

We (Midge and John) are writers and publishers of animal and environmental literature through Ashland Creek Press. We are joined by an amazing group of contributors.

We believe there is an opportunity to bring like-minded readers, writers, and publishers together to create a community around this emerging—and increasingly vital—field of literature. While Ashland Creek Press pays for this website, we actively seek out books from all publishers. We do accept review copies though we are just as likely to review books we’ve purchased.

Why EcoLit Books?

We started EcoLit Books because we couldn’t find an EcoLit category on Amazon—or anywhere for that matter. We’d like to see this category get more mainstream attention, so we figured a dedicated blog couldn’t hurt. Now, nine years later, we’re thrilled to have a wonderful group of contributors and a growing list of readers.

What is EcoFiction?

Eco-Fiction is a super-genre of writing that straddles all genres (mysteries, thrillers, literary, children’s). We often refer to it as “fiction with a conscience.”

Can I participate?

We’re always looking for people who want to review books and people who want to contribute articles. Learn more.

Thanks for joining us — and for reading (and writing) like you give a damn…

John Yunker & Midge Raymond

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