Join Rewilding Our Stories

Our friends Mary Woodbury of and Lovis Geir from Ecofictology have partnered to create a virtual community of writers and readers passionate about environmental literature. The network is hosted on Discord and you are invited to join.

Here’s more about Rewilding Our Stories:

Rewilding Our Stories is a safe place for readers, writers, publishers…basically all around lovers of ecofiction to find support, share resources and connect with a community of people who are interested in how we portray our natural environment in our fiction.

The founders of this Discord server, Mary Woodbury from and Lovis Geier from Ecofictology, have both felt a lack of community-feel in the ecofiction conversation and wanted to create a space where we can all learn from each other, feel respected and supported for how we might approach ecofiction, and be encouraged to explore these wonderful stories full of so much potential. 

The link for the Rewilding Our Stories Discord server is:

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