2022 Year in Review: Most popular books and posts

When I look at visitor stats for the past year, EcoLit Books has seen a steady increase in the number of daily visitors. We now average just over 200 unique visitors per day, with many days surpassing 300 and a few days over 500.

For a website devoted to environmental and animal literature, these are actually very good visitor numbers. More important, the numbers tell me that increasing numbers of readers want to see more of these books.

Below are the most-visited book reviews and pages over the past year. At the top of the list is the perennial leader — our list of literary outlets for environmental writing. I too am a frequent user of this page.

But you’ll also notice a fascinating mix of fiction and non-fiction works — stretching back nearly a decade. I love to see books only just getting discovered today that have been around for years.

As I tell fellow authors — it’s not easy getting your book discovered in the age of Facebook and so much other noise. Success requires patience and persistence (though of what ratio I’m still not sure). The stats here prove that some books take a bit of time to get discovered.

In a few days I will publish our favorite books of the past year. Stay tuned!

Top posts of 2022…

Literary Outlets for Environmental Writing

Tender is the Flesh

Publishers of Environmental Writing

Contests for Environmental Writing

The Best Environmental Books We’ve Read in 2021

Tender is the Flesh

Environmental Writing Programs

Interview with author Charlotte McConaghy

The World Without Us

Last Child in the Woods

Salvage the Bones

Braiding Sweetgrass

The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable

The One-Straw Revolution

PS: If you’re an author or publisher who wants to promote a book or two, we now offer advertising options.

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