New and forthcoming environmental books (March 2024)

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Facing the Climate Emergency: How to Transform Yourself with Climate Truth

by Margaret Klein Salamon with Molly Gage

Overwhelmed by climate anxiety? Transform your angst into action to become the hero humanity needs

A lifeline for those suffering from climate anxiety, Facing the Climate Emergency combines expertise in clinical psychology and disruptive climate activism to help readers transform their fear and grief into courage and heroism.

Featuring a foreword by visionary filmmaker and philanthropist Adam McKay, Facing the Climate Emergency takes a deep dive into why disruptive grassroots activism is the fastest, most cost-effective path to transformative change.

Whether you’re drawn to the front lines of high stakes, non-violent direct action, or prefer to play a supporting role, this guide will help you combat the forces of climate denial and discover your own power in the face of the greatest planetary crisis.

Now in its second edition.

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The Story is in Our Bones: : How Worldviews and Climate Justice Can Remake a World in Crisis

by Osprey Orielle Lake

It’s time to rewild ourselves and our dominant worldviews to build earth-centered communities for all.  The dominant cultural worldview is based upon extraction and exploitation practices that have brought us to the precipice of social, environmental, and climate collapse. Braiding poetic storytelling, climate justice and deep cultural analyses, and the collective knowledge of Earth-centered cultures, The Story is in Our Bones opens a portal to restoration and justice beyond the end of a world in crisis.


Capturing Glaciers: A History of Repeat Photography and Global Warming

by Dani Inkpen

In Capturing Glaciers, Dani Inkpen historicizes the use of repeat glacier photographs, examining what they show, what they obscure, and how they influence public understanding of nature and climate change. Though convincing as a form of evidence, these images offer a limited and sometimes misleading representation of glaciers themselves. Furthermore, their use threatens to replicate problematic ideas baked into their history. With clear and compelling writing, Capturing Glaciers ultimately calls for a centering of climate justice and warns of the consequences of reducing the problem of global warming to one of distant wilderness.


Wild Yoga

by Rebecca Wildbear

This wonderfully fresh and revelatory book invites you to create a personal yoga practice that seamlessly melds health and well-being with spiritual insight, Earth stewardship, and cultural transformation. Wilderness guide and yoga instructor Rebecca Wildbear came to yoga after a life-threatening encounter with cancer in her twenties. Over years of teaching and healing, she devised the unique and user-friendly practice she presents in Wild Yoga


Risk and Resilience in the Era of Climate Change

by Vinod Thomas

In Risk and Resilience in the Era of Climate Change, Vinod Thomas makes a strong case for a systemic approach to building climate resilience. For starters, risk assessment should be thorough and continuous. Investment is needed in early-warning systems, evacuation plans, and institutions that govern all elements of disaster preparedness and response. Resilience must be integrated from the outset into the design not only of buildings and infrastructure systems but also of national development strategies. 


Restoring the Pitchfork Ranch: How Healing a Southwest Oasis Holds Promise for Our Endangered Land

by A. Thomas Cole

Restoring the Pitchfork Ranch tells the story of a decades-long habitat restoration project in southwestern New Mexico. Rancher-owner A. Thomas Cole explains what inspired him and his wife, Lucinda, to turn their retirement into years dedicated to hard work and renewal. The book shares the past and present history of a very special ranch south of Silver City, which is home to a rare type of regional wetland, a fragile desert grassland ecosystem, archaeological sites, and a critical wildlife corridor in a drought-stricken landscape. 


Cora’s Corals

by John Cayden

This children’s book beautifully highlights over twenty types of coral found in coral reefs around the world. The book aims to educate early readers about the diversity, structure and uniqueness of coral species and their unique ecological niche, while sparking imagination and curiosity about the vast and amazing diversity of ocean life and the underwater nurseries we call reefs. Scientists who study corals are working hard to understand and protect these important life forms as the ocean waters become warmer. This book puts differing coral species together with a fictitious little pink shrimp by the name of Cora.

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