Book Review: Saving Animals

Defining “animal rights activism” can be a difficult task. Plenty of new vegans may find themselves asking questions like “How do I spread my beliefs?” and “What are the next steps after adopting an animal-free diet?”. Luckily, Catherine Kelaher’s new book, Saving Animals: A Future Activist’s Guide, provides a comprehensive, accessible plan for aspiring animal …

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Writing for deer; writing for animals

Summer in Ashland, Oregon, means fawns following their mothers through the streets of our small town. The local deer are, sadly, a contentious issue. Many residents resent their appetites for rose bushes and other flora. Others have accused deer of assault (typically a mother deer’s instinct to protect her fawn). But a major reason we …

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Book Review: The Animals’ Agenda by Marc Bekoff & Jessica Pierce

The Animals’ Agenda: Freedom, Compassion, and Coexistence in the Human Age by Marc Bekoff and Jessica Pierce is an important and timely book that examines the human relationship with — or, more accurately, examines the many ways in which humans use — animals and how this relationship needs to evolve. This book asks readers to rethink …

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