Book Review: Saving Animals

Defining “animal rights activism” can be a difficult task. Plenty of new vegans may find themselves asking questions like “How do I spread my beliefs?” and “What are the next steps after adopting an animal-free diet?”. Luckily, Catherine Kelaher’s new book, Saving Animals: A Future Activist’s Guide, provides a comprehensive, accessible plan for aspiring animal rights activists. Saving Animals provides step-by-step actionable instructions, tips, and resources for saving animals and spreading awareness. Saving Animals is a must-have guide and excellent resource for both new and old animal rights activists alike. 

As the animal rights movement gains momentum, it is essential to acknowledge the work of young activists and new methods of activism. Each chapter in Saving Animals provides a detailed look at a different type of activism and highlights the personal stories of young activists. Kelaher covers everything from speaking with family members about animal rights to supporting animal liberation in sanctuaries. Despite the wide breadth of coverage Kelaher gives to different types of activism, readers are unlikely to feel overwhelmed. Kelaher’s instructions are simple, efficient, and realistic. The interwoven stories of other activists’ successes are inspiring and make activism feel achievable for everyone. 

Though intended primarily for younger readers, Saving Animals has plenty to offer older readers and seasoned activists. Saving Animals is the perfect morale booster for activists that may be feeling exhausted by a constant demand for action. Kelaher shows readers that there are many, many of us. Determined young activists are saving animals every day.  Similarly, while Kelaher does cover some of the tried and true methods of advocacy, such as protesting and public speaking, she also delves into some newer forms of advocacy. One chapter highlights the importance of farm sanctuaries and the relatively new microsanctuary movement – a fascinating movement that makes the farm sanctuary attainable. Readers will be heartened by the work of 22-year-old Charlize Reynierse’s microsanctuary in Sydney, Australia, where she cares for rescued ex-battery hens. 

Reynierse’s story is just one of the artfully collected profiles in this book. The work of these young activists is sure to inspire the new activists and reinvigorate the practiced activist. Filled with great stories, images, and information, Saving Animals is an excellent guide for all ages. This book is the perfect motivation for taking your veganism and belief in animal rights to the next level. Become an activist. Spread the word. Save animals. Let Catherine Kelaher and her written work guide you.

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