February 2018 update: We remain backlogged with book reviews. Feel free to query but note that we will only reply if we are interested in your book.

EcoLit Books focuses on literature about the environment and animal rights. We welcome books that examine these topics in all genres, from fiction to poetry to nonfiction.

Books are reviewed by a number of contributors. Contributors often review books they buy or borrow from libraries; they also accept publisher review copies.

If you’re a publisher or author, please do not send books without a detailed query first. And please keep in mind that we already have a long list of books on our reading/review lists.

We are unable to respond to unsolicited books sent for review – we will, however, respond to all queries.

We use Amazon Associates to help fund this online community.

All books we receive will be considered for review; however, we do reserve the right not to review a book if for any reason it’s not the right fit for EcoLit Books.