Sue Coe and the last great social movement

In the book Animal Resistance there are a number of illustrations by the artist Sue Coe.

And it turns out that Sue was interviewed last year by The New York Times.

“My plague obsession started with the meat industry,” she said. Since the 1980s, the artist has produced series and books documenting the conditions of animals and workers in slaughterhouses and warning of the industry’s link to both global warming and pandemics.

“Factory farming and zoonotic viruses are one and the same,” Ms. Coe said. “This is the last great social justice movement.”

Indeed, animal rights is the last great social justice movement, one that has been inching forward for hundreds (thousands) of years, but now seems to be gaining momentum.

“I make vegans,” Ms. Coe said. “That’s my role in life.”

Sue Coe:
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