Sea Change: An Atlas of Islands in a Rising Ocean

Let me begin this review by saying that university presses and small presses have published some of the most creative and thought-provoking environmental literature I’ve read over the past few years. In this case, I want to praise the University of California Press for publishing the impressive work of author Christina Gerhardt and her collaborators, …

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Book Review: Beloved Beasts: Fighting for Life in an Age of Extinction by Michelle Nijhuis

Beloved Beasts is a richly informative history of the international conservation movement and the central figures who have played crucial roles in developing conservationism and moving conservation efforts forward. The book is also about the ongoing debates, both philosophical and pragmatic, about “humanity’s proper place on earth” (3). Written by Michelle Nijhuis, an award-winning environmental …

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Call for submissions: Turku Book Prize 2021

The European Society for Environmental History (ESEH) and the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society (RCC) are sponsoring the Turku Book Prize in environmental history. The winner will receive €3,000. To be eligible, books must be: By a single author Published in 2019 or 2020 About environmental history Written on a primarily European topic …

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