CSPA Quarterly is seeking a (co)lead editor

If you haven’t heard of The Center for Sustainable Arts (CSPA), do check it out. We’re fans. They are currently looking for a (co)lead editor for the CSPA Quarterly: The CSPA Quarterly is a publication arm of the Centre for Sustainable Arts. It is meant to give a longer format and deeper space for exploration …

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Wales Arts Review seeks contributors for newly launched environment section

This is a wonderful development — an arts magazine expanding to include a dedicated environmental section. And a wonderful opportunity for writers. Here’s more… Wales Arts Review has been a home for high quality critical writing and arts coverage since 2012. The destruction of the natural world is the most urgent issue of our times. …

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Building Reuse: Why your old house may be more environmental than you think

I live in an old house. So old that it tilts off to one side and you can feel a winter breeze coming up through the floorboards. When we had it renovated several years ago, I wondered if it would have made more sense, environmentally, to tear it down and build a LEED-certified (whatever exactly …

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