New and forthcoming environmental books (April 2024)

Once again, I wanted to highlight a number of books that came across our radar as of late…

Melted Away: A Memoir of Climate Change & Caregiving in Peru

by Barbara Drake-Vera

Candid, poignant, and deeply researched, Melted Away is the true story of how a writer at midlife reclaims her agency, and an ardent plea to care for the planet by embracing collectivism and mutual aid.


Eco-Words: The Ecology of Conversation

by Anna Lisa Tota

This book examines the power of words. It explores the links between communication, language and identity, arguing for a certain gravity to the practice of speech, for offering only meaningful words to the people we talk to.


This Animal Body: A Novel

by Meredith Walters

This Animal Body explores how we find our place in the world not only as individuals, but also as a species, and how we can repair our relationships with our human and more-than-human families.


Earth & Soul: Reconnecting Amid Climate Chaos

by Leah Rampy

Facing directly into the devastation of climate chaos and biodiversity loss, Rampy leads her readers on a soul journey into grief and loss to also claim the beauty, joy and possibilities available when we reconnect with Earth. As we follow the author’s compelling personal experiences and engagingly lyrical stories of whales, cedars, sparrows, and more, we see the necessity and urgency of learning from the wisdom of our kin in the natural world.


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