Remington Rand Portable: Box of 10 cards



Remington Rand Portable

Remington Rand was formed in 1927 to manufacture typewriters. The company was the first to produce the QWERTY keyboard layout.

This model, the Remington Rand Model 1, was made in the late 1930s and retailed for $65.

Literary trivia from Wikipedia:

  • The Remington Rand Co. and building are depicted as the Knox Co. and building in Richard Yates’ 1961 novel Revolutionary Road.
  • Ayn Rand said that she chose her Americanized name based on her Remington Rand typewriter.

Cards are 4.25 x 6 inches in size, printed on 14-pt card stock with a high-gloss exterior and a blank, uncoated interior (translation: they are shiny on the outside, but you can use virtually any writing implement on the inside without worrying about smudging).

Remington Rand typewriter notecard
Remington Rand Portable: Box of 10 cards